Hur skulle det se ut om kända spelfigurer registrerade sig på datingsidor i jakt på
den stora kärleken?

Jag tänker mig något i den här stilen…


love_bookerName: Booker Dewitt
Sex: Male
Location: The where is not nearly as interesting as the when
Looking for: Women

Likes: Dumpster diving, playing guitar, eating cigarettes.
Dislikes: Running out of ammo, getting water trapped in the ears.

My ideal first date:
I’m easy. As long as there’s whiskey and solid ground… no floating buildings or Sky-lines… I’m good.

You should contact me if:
You are rich and understanding. I may have some gambling debts.


love_peachName: Princess Peach
Sex: Female
Location: Mushroom Kingdom
Looking for: Men

Likes: Go-kart racing, cake frosting, turnips.
Dislikes: Banana peels, being zapped into a pig.

My ideal first date:
I like to be surprised. It’s so romantic! Just as long as the surprise doesn’t involve a dungeon of some sort.

You should contact me if:
You are a human male. No toads or turtles, sorry.


love_hawkeName: Hawke
Sex: Male
Location: Kirkwall
Looking for: Romance, sparring partner

Dislikes: Dragons, demons, darkspawn, undead, abominations, ogres, skeletons, spiders, ghouls, golems. Did I mention dragons?
Likes: Killing all the things I dislike.

My ideal first date:
I like dating with a purpose. Let’s slay dragons together! And afterwards I’ll shower you with thoughtful gifts.

You should contact me if:
You don’t mind getting your hands bloody. Or limbs severed.


love_shepardName: Shepard
Sex: Female
Location: Space
Looking for: Someone who can keep up and not get themselves killed

Likes: Pet fish, scanning planets, upgrades.
Dislikes: Impossible to drive 4-wheeled vehicles, guns over heating, smokers.

My ideal first date:
A long elevator ride, followed by some light petting.

You should contact me if:
Scars and sharing a bunk with a real life hero gets your engine going.


love_nathanName: Nathan Drake
Sex: Male
Location: No clue. Lost my compass.
Looking for: Adventurous women

Likes: Defying death, grooming the perfect stubble, riches and glory.
Dislikes: British accents, not getting my shirt tuck just right in the morning.

My ideal first date:
I’d take you on a romantic trip to a long lost city. There we’d bond over having to escape, as it crashes down around us, minutes after we arrive.

You should contact me if:
Sarcastic banter and thrilling heroics is your idea of foreplay.

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  1. @Ercarret says:

    pixelviking Verkligen min typ av humor. 🙂

  2. @Ercarret says:

    pixelviking Såg det där precis när jag var på väg ut så hinner inte kommentera, men lämnar ett generellt “WOOOOO!” här på Twitter. 😀

  3. @ChrisXswe says:

    pixelviking så himla bra 😀
    Blev lite sugen på female shepard nu, aldrig träffat på henne innan, but im interested ^.^

  4. pixelviking haha! Fantastiskt! xD

  5. @MariaMyhr says:

    pixelviking hee hee

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